Getting social! Our newest social media campaign is all about us.

At Company B, we understand how important social media is to a brand. Not just important, but crucial. And although we are the busiest Company B has ever been, we’re incredibly excited to announce a new milestone in our brand’s own social timeline. What better way to show you what we can do for your brand, than to do it for ourselves?

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Writing: An Endangered Skill?

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” –Lao Tzu 

I’ve always been very fond of this quote. (That’s right, I’m a quote collector.)

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Becca interviewed Bonnie during her internship.

Becca’s Brand Breakdown

Hi! I’m Becca, Company B’s newest intern. For the last month of high school, instead of dreary homework and rigorous tests, I’ve had the pleasure of working at Company B.

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The New PR

Coming off a big anniversary for Company B, (6 years!) it’s only natural that a sense of nostalgia is washing over HQ. For the same reason everyone loves a good #TBT, reflecting on past successes is one of our favorite things to do; as for set backs, a necessary one.

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The Perks of Event Prep

For a while now we’ve been prepping for a big event for a Company B client.  It’s been a lot of work and running around and sometimes a little stressful as we come down to the wire this week.  But I’m happy to report on a day at HQ that was got to spend doing some seriously fun prepping –  SMOOTHIE MAKING!

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Join the Celebration

BOY, has it been a busy month at Company B!  And with Independence Day celebrations upon us, it’s staying busy as ever.

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