The New PR

Coming off a big anniversary for Company B, (6 years!) it’s only natural that a sense of nostalgia is washing over HQ. For the same reason everyone loves a good #TBT, reflecting on past successes is one of our favorite things to do; as for set backs, a necessary one.

And so, throwing ourselves into the trend of constant documentation, Company B is announcing a new project – we’re going to spend the next year documenting the everyday goings on of our workplaces.  That’s right, workplaces, because as a modern and flexible company, we service our top tier clients from a myriad of locales, sometimes creating a functioning office in a very non-office setting.

Clients always ask what life is like at Company B, so we’re showcasing the glamorous lives we lead as we strike the ever-evolving balance between work and, well, everything else. Doing what we do best, we’re telling our story with our project, The New PR: Productivity Redefined. Each day will present a new snapshot-look at Company B’s numerous “offices.”

A recent shot from my own personal instagram

A recent shot from my own personal Instagram

Each workday, we should say, because as much as we love a productive workweek, we take our weekends just as seriously.

In a year’s time, we plan to look back and once again reminisce about the great things we accomplished and the stories we told. After all, a picture is worth… well, you know.


Our very first post. Get ready!

Our very first post. Get ready!