Driving Desire: Connecting Through Cookies (and cupcakes, and scones, and brownies…)

Hello! My name is Emily and I’ve been interning with Company B this month for my senior internship. It’s been a pleasure working with Bonnie and the Company B team, rather than being in a boring office or doing manual labor, like some of my classmates chose to do, especially since most of my work has been centered on researching yummy bakeries in New York City.

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Tech We Love, Part 1

There’s something to be said for the classics. Classic movies, here’s looking at you. Classic slogans, are forever. Classic cars, novels, songs – all worth sticking around for. But the world of online marketing, public relations and social media is always changing. Along Company B’s classic strategies, we use some simple, yet elegant tech solutions. Maybe we’re not born and bred engineers, but we watch live streams of CES and test every app we can fit on our phones and covet ridiculously awesome things like the Stir Desk. So perhaps we’re only wanna-be tech nerds, but here’s a list of what makes our offices function smoothly. Thank you, internet.

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The Worst Day Ever at Social Media Week NYC: Or How to Tell A Great Story

As awesome as Social Media Week was, the one complaint I, and everyone else had was simple: lines. For an on-campus SMW event, you pre-registered one hour before start time, but if 200+ people wanted to attend a panel meant to hold 75, getting in means lining up at 10:30 for a noon event.

But what if you went to a 9 a.m. event like I did? Well, you missed, registration. So the panel I REALLY wanted to attend, “Tapping Millennial FOMO: A Brand’s Guide to Relevance Beyond ‘Real-time Marketing,’” I couldn’t, because I had tried to go to an earlier event to kill time. Yes, I missed an event based on a phenomenon known as Fear Of Missing Out. The irony was not lost on me.

The next event on my list was an off-campus, “How to Tell Stories that Drive Action.” Now while I think we at Company B are ace storytellers, it’s important to keep learning all time, so I was looking forward to this 1 p.m. workshop.

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Getting social! Our newest social media campaign is all about us.

At Company B, we understand how important social media is to a brand. Not just important, but crucial. And although we are the busiest Company B has ever been, we’re incredibly excited to announce a new milestone in our brand’s own social timeline. What better way to show you what we can do for your brand, than to do it for ourselves?

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Writing: An Endangered Skill?

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” –Lao Tzu 

I’ve always been very fond of this quote. (That’s right, I’m a quote collector.) 

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Becca’s Brand Breakdown

Hi! I’m Becca, Company B’s newest intern. For the last month of high school, instead of dreary homework and rigorous tests, I’ve had the pleasure of working at Company B.

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The New PR

Coming off a big anniversary for Company B, (6 years!) it’s only natural that a sense of nostalgia is washing over HQ. For the same reason everyone loves a good #TBT, reflecting on past successes is one of our favorite things to do; as for set backs, a necessary one.

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