Expert Storytelling

Kevin Noble Maillard

Goal: Establish credibility; raise awareness, spark conversations and, ultimately, change perceptions.

Kevin Nobile Maillard, author and family law expert, wanted to plant his expert flag into the non-traditional marriage debate.

Approach: Insert Kevin into the news cycle with a steady stream of by-lines and commentary on breaking news.

Results: Frequent guest on MSNBC. Regular writing assignments from The New York Times, Essence, & MSNBC: The Grio. Guest-editor spot at The New York Times online Op-Ed section. Featured guest on NPR. Quoted in USA Today, Time Out, New York and The Atlantic.

  • Client: Kevin Noble Maillard
  • Work: Branding, Content Marketing, Public Relations

Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network

Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network. A U.S. philanthropist set out to help unwed moms in Korea. 70% are forced to give up their babies for adoption due to the public shame and shunning.

Goal: Change the conversation and public policy.

Approach: Brand the issue, attach people to the problem, align with academics. Put the issue on the international map to make Korea pay attention.

Results: Within months we placed a feature story in The New York Times, and landed on the front page of The International Herald Tribune. Over 50 stories followed, including the BBC and Christian Science Monitor, and in Korea press. Public debate ensued. Ultimately, legislation was passed to help the moms.

  • Client: Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network
  • Work: Branding, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media