Project Details

Hipmunk: Spanning the Media Globe
Travel meta-search site, Hipmunk had of content to share and stories to tell; but lots of competition for attention in a crowded media market.

Goal: Insert Hipmunk into general travel news and into vertical publications that might not otherwise cover the brand

Approach: Share a constant drumbeat of relevant news to travel press; use conversation to jump-start bigger business stories

Results: In 15 months over 450 stories on TV, print media (business & consumer press), regional press, and blogs. September, 2016, Hipmunk was acquired.

  • Hipmunk is now regularly featured in USA Today, AP, Buzzfeed and more
  • Launched an Artificial Intelligence product. Landed 10 stories in top tier tech, travel, consumer press

  • Client: 4sight, inc.
  • Work: Branding, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media