Social Media Link

Project Details

Shine a light on the powerful business of influencer marketing.
Social Media Link, a fast-growing influencer marketing company, was intent on proving thought leadership in a crowded and confusing field. That meant a whole lot more than keeping up with the Kardashians.

Goal: Position and prove that Social Media Link is the one company that uniquely understands how best to leverage influencers across social media.

Approach: Leverage the company’s vast influencer network to deliver data and insights into how and where marketers should be investing their influencer marketing dollars. Establish company CEO, Sue Frech, as a thought leader, to secure speaking engagements and awards.

Results: 85 stories in 3 years, including a feature story in The New York Times. Social Media Link was acquired after two years of working with us. Developed newsworthy consumer-facing surveys, and dozens of by-line articles.

Results: The New York Times, WWD, Advertising Age, Adweek, PRWeek, MediaPost. Social Media Link was acquired by From You Flowers, Spring, 2015.

  • Client: 4sight, inc.
  • Work: Public Relations, Content Marketing, Expert Storytelling