Data Storytelling Will Get You Everywhere

Travel meta-search site, Hipmunk had content to share, stories to tell and data to support their point of view; but lots of competition for attention in a crowded media market.

Public Relations & Content

Goal: Insert Hipmunk into the general travel news and into vertical publication that might not otherwise cover the brand

Approach: Share a constant drumbeat of data-driven news to travel press; brand an internal spokesperson to add authority to the company, create blog posts to share with media, use each to to jump-start bigger business stories; launch new products for the brand. 

Results: Secured over 450 stories on TV, national business and consumer media, regional outlets, and vertical blogs from Disney fan sites to mom bloggers to digital nomad influencers. Launched AI travel assistant, “Hello Hipmunk.” 6 months after working with Company B, Hipmunk was regularly featured in USA Today, AP, Buzzfeed and more. 18 months after working with Company B Hipmunk was acquired by SAP Concur.  

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