Maine Crisp: Creating a New Category

Maine Crisp, a joy enabling artisanal cracker company wanted a fresh perspective on its story ahead of a national expansion.

Branding & Content

Goal: Uncover the brand spirit and turn that into a compelling story to capture the hearts of foodies, chefs and gluten-free flavor seekers everywhere.

Approach: Using B-Smart messaging we conducted extensive interviews with stakeholders –from founders, investors, to customers and fans. We secured testimonials, checked out the competition and dove in to uncover how Maine Crisp validates snackers’ passion for and pursuit of fine food experiences that are value-driven. 

Results: Delivered a simple-to-use Brand Bible, Testimonials, Website content, Box Copy and story structure that sprung the unpretentiously delicious gluten-free crackers onto cheeseboards and into lunchboxes everywhere.  

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