Puritan’s Pride: Making An Old Brand News

Puritan’s Pride, a Direct To Consumer health and wellness company, had an aging customer base. Company B was charged with refreshing the brand story for a new set of digital customers.

Branding, Content, Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Special Events

Goal: Build Puritan’s Pride’s profile as a trusted source for supplements to capture the imaginations of influencers — the health and wellness minded moms, fitness and beauty communities.

Approach: Anchor the brand story through influencer-driven content designed to make health and wellness easy-to-do and Puritan’s Pride easy-to-trust. For example, 25 influencers told the story of the “One Small Change” they made in their health habits and encouraged their communities to join in. Our new “Healthy Perspectives” blog featured 5 high profile bloggers. We developed original content, community and campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and told the story of the brand through media and influencer relations, hosted special events to launch new products, celebrated holidays, and sparked conversations about health and wellness habits. 

Results: In two years, Company b secured nearly two hundred million unique impressions in mainstream media and social media, and drove exponential engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Our social media contest and campaigns captured a new set of customers with significant e-newsletter sign-ups.  

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