The Messaging Masterclass, Courtesy of COVID-19

The Perks of Event Prep

Smoothie-day at Company B meant a break from the ordinary and recipe-testing.

Excel in the Art of Creepiness

The website for Pixar's Monsters University deserves an A+ for fun and an A++ for execution. It’s a good marketing lesson about how to tell your story using a familiar format to spin out all the creative possibilities, even for those of us who don’t have monsters as clients.

Client in the News: Brand Connections in AdAge on Marathon Sponsorships

Once again, Sherry Orel, CEO of Brand Connections, brings her expertise in product sampling and brand sponsorships to the readers of AdAge.

Tattoo You. The PR Fuss Over Tattoo Barbie

Another week, another consumer uproar. Mattel teams up with tokidoki (cute name) to launch a collectible Barbie with pink hair, leopard-spotted leggings and a body full of tattoos. Naturally, there are complaints.

Gender Benders: Dr. Pepper 10

The company launched a Facebook app for men, called “The Ten Man-ments” and is advertising during college football games. The tagline? “It’s not for women.”

Client in the News: Brand Connections: Get Inside a Customer's Mind at the Moment Your Message Appears

Brand Connections' President, Sherry Orel, knows a thing or two about brand messaging. She shares her insight in AdAge.

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