The Worst Day Ever at Social Media Week NYC: Or How to Tell A Great Story

As awesome as Social Media Week was, the one complaint I, and everyone else had was simple: lines. For an on-campus SMW event, you pre-registered one hour before start time, but if 200+ people wanted to attend a panel meant to hold 75, getting in means lining up at 10:30 for a noon event.

But what if you went to a 9 a.m. event like I did? Well, you missed, registration. So the panel I REALLY wanted to attend, “Tapping Millennial FOMO: A Brand’s Guide to Relevance Beyond ‘Real-time Marketing,’” I couldn’t, because I had tried to go to an earlier event to kill time. Yes, I missed an event based on a phenomenon known as Fear Of Missing Out. The irony was not lost on me.

The next event on my list was an off-campus, “How to Tell Stories that Drive Action.” Now while I think we at Company B are ace storytellers, it’s important to keep learning all time, so I was looking forward to this 1 p.m. workshop.

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